About us

At Sigma Management & Services, we have an ethos that demands that we are consultative and questioning, all with the aim of ensuring that the work we produce meets our client’s briefs as closely as possible. We have a track record of producing great results through the best marketing medium, while doing it in the most
cost-effective manner. We believe that the best comes from openness and understanding between an agency like ours and a client.

We have experience working in most sectors, such as retail, hospitality, legal and general business services. We have and will continue to work with businesses of various sizes from multi-nationals to SME’s and as we have some excellent and very exclusive media partnerships, we can offer a lot for a fraction of the cost that many of our competitors offer.

If you are looking for help with an event, be it a wedding a corporate conference or product launch, we can help you from the planning stages to the fruition of those plans to put on an event. An event that will not only delight your clients and attendees, but also help you to relax and enjoy the event knowing it will meet your particular goals.