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Wedding Service

We all know that wedding are one of the most important, special and memorable events a person can ever experience during their lifetime. We also know that along with the beautiful gowns, stunning scenery and backdrops, fun, festivities and laughter; there is also the other side of weddings. The stress and strain that everyone involved experiences, from the couple at the centre of it all to the parents and family on both sides of the coupling right through to the guests and anyone behind the scenes.

This is where Sigma Management & Services come in. We have a professional and fully experienced team who have worked on many weddings in the past and are fully able to take all the responsibility, stress and logistic nightmares that weddings often bring to the fore away from you and your guests and create a truly memorable and joyous wedding, that you and your guests will treasure forever.

At Sigma Management & Services, we see each and every wedding we work on as special and just want to make it the very best event it can be for all involved. We will work closely with you to tailor make it to meet your specific expectations and requirements. Thanks to the strong relations we have in various industries, we can help to make your event stand out even more. We offer more than just wedding planning and pre-wedding parties, we offer a full wedding experience.